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Why is Regular Air-Conditioning Service So Important?

Air conditioning service is strongly recommended by the manufacturer of your air conditioning systems. Regular servicing maintain optimum running efficiency, a healthy environment minimising risk of allergies and increases the lifespan of your product. Poorly maintained systems can suffer significant losses in efficiency which results in poor performance, higher running costs and a shortened life expectancy.


In coastal areas such as the Sunshine Coast, corrosion is a big problem. In these areas, part of the service process includes checking all units for any corrosion. Regular servicing gives you the peace of mind that your air conditioner will work properly when you need it most, and ensures it continues working through the years.

Repairman fixing aircon — Air-Conditioning and Refrigeraion in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Air Conditioning Systems should be checked at minimum, yearly for:

  • Filter blockage / Dirt build up causing airflow restriction
  • Mould & Bacteria build up on coil, fan and baffle
  • Drain blockages
  • Fan balances
  • Condenser airflow & system condition (corrosion)
  • Refrigerant Charge

Ask Allchin about Service Rates for:

  • Single System
  • Ducted System
  • More than 1 Unit per House Extra
  • Corrosion Protection