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Commercial Air Conditioning Guide: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re considering installing new air conditioning in your commercial premises or you just want to maintain your existing system, it’s important to know how to select and look after commercial air conditioning systems to ensure that your commercial property is kept at a comfortable and safe temperature all year round. Read our guide to commercial air conditioning to find out everything you need to know about commercial air conditioning systems in Australia.

Choosing The Right Unit For Your Commercial Space

When you’re choosing a commercial air conditioning unit, it’s important to consider a number of factors that might impact your decision. We recommend thinking about:

• Capacity: How big is the space your AC is for?
• Energy efficiency: How much will the AC system cost to run?
• Location: Where do you plan to install the system?
• Cost: How much will the system cost to install?

Split System vs Ducted Air Conditioning

There are lots of different types of air conditioning systems in use across Australia, but the most common types are split system air conditioning systems and ducted air conditioning systems.

Split system air conditioning is the most common type of AC in both residential and commercial settings. They comprise an outdoor unit (the compressor) and an indoor unit (the air handler). The two units are attached by copper piping that transports refrigerant back and forth, allowing the compressor to cool it as needed.

Ducted air conditioning is a type of AC that is suitable in larger spaces like offices, hotels, and schools. Ducted air conditioning systems move cool air around a larger space through ducts and vents in the ceilings and walls.

Keep Your Air Conditioning In Top Condition

Choosing an appropriate air conditioning system for your commercial space is only half of the work. It’s important to keep your air conditioning unit in top condition to maximise its lifespan and efficiency. You can help to keep your commercial AC system running smoothly by:

• Booking in regular AC services at least once a year. During a service, your AC system will be fully cleaned out and checked for any easily identifiable faults, which helps to keep your AC unit efficient and prevents problems from building.

• Keep the filter clean. Air conditioners are designed to remove dust and debris from the air, but if the filter isn’t changed regularly, it will become clogged and no longer be able to do its job. This is particularly important in factories and other industrial settings.

• Look out for signs that something’s wrong. If you spot anything that’s not quite right, whether it’s a sound that you’ve never noticed before or a leak, contact professional AC experts to carry out repairs as soon as possible.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Attention

Not sure what to look out for in a faulty AC system? Signs that your commercial AC system is in need of repairs or replacement parts include:
• Strange noises
• Leaks
• Bad smells
• Poor air quality
• Reduced airflow or effectiveness

If you notice any of these signs, it’s always a good idea to have your air conditioning system fixed as soon as possible. This prevents problems from worsening and usually reduces the cost of repairs in the long run.

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