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Allchin Airconditioning and Refrigeration Provides Commercial Air Conditioning Services to the Sunshine Coast Region

Allchin Airconditioning and Refrigeration provides commercial air conditioning services to customers across the Sunshine Coast, including Caloundra and Maroochydore. At Allchin, we are experts in air conditioning systems. We work with all kinds of air conditioning systems suitable for small and large commercial premises on the Sunshine Coast.


Our professional, knowledgeable sales team can help you choose the right air conditioning system for your business, guiding you through the options available and offering full support before, during, and after-sales, offering  a complete end to end service.


We assess, design, and install an air conditioning system that works for you, your building and your business. We also offer a complete service and maintenance program, so you can be confident that your air conditioning will work when you need it most. 


We supply high-quality air conditioning units made by trusted manufacturers and designed for use in Australia’s most extreme weather conditions. Let us help you find the perfect air conditioning system for your business; we can design and fit your new AC system to your exact requirements.

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Experts in Commercial Air Conditioning

With many years in the commercial air conditioning industry, Allchin Airconditioning and Refrigeration has provided Commercial Air Conditioning expertise to countless large-scale projects in the Sunshine Coast region from:

  • Corporate Organisations
  • Offices & Businesses
  • Property Developers
  • Builders, Renovators & Architects
  • Retirement Villages
  • Schools and Universities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Group of Units and more…

Allchin Airconditioning and Refrigeration are well-known in the wider Sunshine Coast region and this gives local businesses the comfort, trust and assurance that when you choose us, you are in very good, experienced & reputable hands.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

We are also professional installers of air conditioning, which means once you’ve selected your perfect system we can go ahead and fit it for you, too. Our experienced air conditioning installers will work with you to design a system that exactly meets the needs of your premises, ensuring sufficient airflow throughout and working within the restrictions of your space.


Experienced in a wide range of commercial settings, ranging from schools to offices and new property developments, Allchin can install air conditioning systems of various complexities and range of needs.


We are reliable, efficient, and clean, ensuring that we arrive on time and clean up after we go. We also have a brilliant support team who can help you with any questions you need answering once your system has been fitted.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Caloundra

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

As your local Sunshine Coast experts in commercial air conditioning, we also offer air conditioning maintenance and repairs. If your air conditioning isn’t working efficiently or, worse yet, has broken down entirely, call us out and we’ll get out to you as soon as we can and get your air conditioning system back up and running swiftly. We can fix all kinds of air conditioning issues, including water leaks, drainage issues, thermostat problems, and malfunctions. 


 Call us today on 0447 347 428 for professional advice and to get a quote for our air conditioning repair service in the Sunshine Coast.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing

Commercial air conditioning systems are more prone to breakdowns and problems simply because they are often used so intensively, day in, day out. Keeping your air conditioning system in good working order is the best way to minimise long-term maintenance costs of commercial air conditioning and prevent costly breakdowns which can sometimes mean your office or commercial premises are unusable until the air conditioning can be fixed.


Our regular air conditioning services include a full inspection and clean of your air conditioning system. With years of experience working with all kinds of AC units, we know how to spot potential issues before they’ve arisen. By keeping your commercial air conditioning system serviced, you can reduce the chance of breakdown and keep your air conditioning performing as it should, year after year.

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Contact Our Sunshine Coast Commercial Air Con Professionals

Our team at Allchin Air Conditioning are on hand to answer any questions. You can call us on 0447 347 428, send an email to or just fill out our contact form.

Commercial Air Conditioning FAQs

A commercial HVAC system uses chillers to cool the water that moves through a network of pipes across the system. This cooled water chills the cooling coils, which allows cool air to be pumped out into all the different areas of a building. You can control and regulate the temperature to your exact needs. 

Yes, regular servicing means your system will work efficiently and effectively all year round and reduce the risk of the system breaking down just when it’s needed most. As a guide, air conditioning for the average office environment should be serviced every three months. If your premises is especially dusty, or your usage is very intense, then you might need a service more often. 

Air conditioners need to be cleaned at least every 12 months, perhaps more if they are in a dusty or high use environment. 

A commercial air conditioning unit should last at least 10 years – perhaps as long as 15. When you choose to use an experienced team for all aspects from design through to maintenance, it’s easy to optimise the life of your air-con system. Regular cleaning and a sound maintenance program mean you’re left with an efficient, effective system that will work for years to come.