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    Supply, Installation & Maintenance

    Sick of the heat during summer? Want an air conditioning system that’s reliable, as well as a business that’s available to service it once a year? Our ears are burning! At Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration, we provide comprehensive cooling system services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Maroochydore—from Cotton Tree Beach to the Sunshine Motorway. Whether you need a system installed, repaired or serviced, we have the team and tools to ensure your home, business or even caravan is cool and comfortable from January to December. 

    Talk to our experts on 0447 347 428 to book a service. The only thing cooler than our services are our prices!

    Air Conditioning Advantages

    Aside from the obvious, there are many benefits to having air conditioning installed throughout your home or business. These include: 

    • Increased property value
    • Better air quality
    • Reduced humidity
    • Reduced likelihood of asthma attacks
    • Reduced risk of heat stroke/dehydration
    • Stops insects & parasites
    • Eliminates odours & fumes

    Australia’s a hot place, so having a reliable air conditioning system is vital. That’s where we come in. Call Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration on 0447 347 428 to book a free quote. Our licensed technicians provide comprehensive cooling system services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Maroochydore and surrounding areas

    Our licensed technicians have got all your domestic air conditioning needs in Maroochydore sorted—supply, installation and maintenance.

    Whether it’s a new or existing business, we’ve got all your commercial air conditioning needs sorted in Maroochydore.

    Air conditioner making strange sounds? We provide comprehensive air conditioning repairs for homes and businesses in Maroochydore.

    Going caravanning? We provide complete air conditioning and refrigeration services for caravans throughout Maroochydore and surrounding areas.

    Need an electrician? We provide a wide range of electrical services for homes and businesses throughout Maroochydore and surrounds.

    Organising an event in Maroochydore that’s outside? We offer short- and long-term mobile coolroom hire to ensure perishables remain chilled.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A commercial air conditioning unit will typically last between 10 to 15 years. Regular servicing will give it the best chance of a longer lifespan.

    The cost of an air conditioning installation depends on the type of system chosen, whether it’s a home or business, and where it needs to be installed.

    On average, the air conditioner filter will need to be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on usage. The more the system is used, the sooner a replacement is required.

    Commercial air conditioning systems most definitely need to be professionally serviced. On average, an A/C system installed in an office environment will need to be serviced every three months. If usage is above average, or the space is especially dusty, it may require a service more often.

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