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Split air conditioning consists of a half the system (condenser) being outside the house while the other half (fan coil) is installed inside. When cooling, the warm air from inside the room is extracted by the fan coil, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house.


Split air conditioning systems can be fitted to individual rooms, areas or multiple rooms whilst still allowing for individual temperature control in each room.


A reverse-cycle air conditioning system lets you control the climate whenever you want. Ducted heating and cooling systems provide your home with comfortable temperature year-round.


Heating is provided economically by “reversing” the operation of the air conditioner: cold air is expelled and warm air is circulated in.


There are various types of refrigerated air conditioners. It ranges from the simple and inexpensive room air conditioner and wall-mounted split, right up to a fully ducted refrigerated system.


Air conditioning systems can be combined with gas heating to provide a complete heating and cooling solution for your home. Through separate ducts and one controller you can have your home warmed or cooled.


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What are the Benefits of Having Air Conditioning in your Home?

Although the benefits of having a home air conditioner might seem obvious, there are a few reasons that you might not be aware of. In this blog article, we cover the main advantages of having ducted air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast.




With a ducted air condition system, every room of the home is equipped for cooling/heating. Ducted systems are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit that are linked with by ducts that are fed through into every room of the home. This means that no matter where you are in the home, the temperature will be at your fingertips.




Ducted systems are operated by a simple-to-use control keypad that’s generally installed in a high-traffic area of your home (kitchen, living room, etc). This enables occupants to control the temperate of each room and decide which rooms are using air conditioning and which aren’t.




When it comes to ducted air conditioning, only the ceiling ducts and control keypad are visible throughout the home. Most of the components (units, tubing) are hidden within the internal areas of the home. This gives the property a seamless and clean look.




Ducted systems in homes are typically whisper-quiet. This ensures your family and friends can go about your day without the distracting noise of a loud air conditioning system. Ducted systems are all about functionality and convenience.




Although ducted systems typically have a higher upfront cost, as opposed to split system, because of their energy efficiency, you’ll make the money back in the long run. For people building a home that they intend to live in for a long time, investing in quality building materials will save them money in the long term—and air conditioning is no different.




Because ducted systems have ducts in every room of the home, air is targeted efficiently into whichever room you want cooled down. By determining what zones are running and for how long, you can always ensure the system is being used where and when it’s needed.

Summertime and wintertime—having ducted air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast is a year-round investment. At Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration, our expert technicians supply, install and maintain ducted air conditioners for residential and commercial clients.


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