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Air Conditioning On The Sunshine Coast

In the stifling summer conditions, many Sunshine Coast residents are finding it hard to cope without air conditioning. And a high-quality, affordable system that will last is hard to find.

So, it’s essential to get the best value from your air conditioner. It should be efficient, cost-effective, and have an extended lifespan.

The best way to ensure your air conditioner lasts is by performing regular maintenance.

Follow these easy tips to breeze through summer.

1 Monitor Airflow Quality

To function properly, your air conditioner must draw air in. If the system is blocked, it will not function properly and could even stop working. Checking for blockages is a simple task you can easily carry out.

Just examine the condensers and fans for debris or obstructions in these areas and remove them. We recommend checking the fans and condensers regularly and removing any blockages. Also, keep foliage neatly trimmed and place new plants away from the air conditioning unit.

2 Schedule A Home Inspection

When installing a ducted air conditioning unit, most homeowners don’t feel a home inspection is necessary. However, this is an essential part of preparing your home for the installation. An inspection will determine if your home’s layout will suit a standard installation.

Some homes don’t have adequate space above the ceiling, for instance. So, ducts may be positioned underneath the floor or in the walls. These findings impact the overall cost and may compromise your home’s aesthetics. In this case, you’ll need to consider if you want to install a ducted system.

3 Guard Against Unwanted Visitors

Something homeowners tend to neglect to protect their air conditioner from animals. Exhausts and ducts create a comfortable hiding place for countless animals and birds.

Clearly, leaving electrical equipment accessible to animals isn’t a good idea. To secure your system, install grilles and covers. This ensures animals cannot access them. If you notice any holes, either patch them up or replace the cover.

4 Perform A Thorough System Clean

Every three months, ensure you clean your air conditioning system thoroughly. It certainly isn’t pleasant, but it prevents mould growth on the intakes.

Regular cleaning also takes care of unpleasant odours and prevents any clogs from forming. Before the cooler weather begins, clean the evaporator coil using a stiff brush. You will notice plenty of accumulated dust  and nasty debris. But with a little hard work, all the dirt will come off smoothly.

5 Replace Filters Regularly

To operate most effectively, the blower filters in your air conditioner should be replaced every six months. Some filters can be cleaned, whilst others are disposable and should be thrown out.

If your filters can be cleaned, you should find detailed instructions in your owner’s manual. However, if you or your family members are suspectable to allergies or there’s a lot of dust in your home, you should clean or replace the filters more often.

For more advice on maintaining and servicing your air conditioning, Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration is your first port of call 0447 347 428 or email. Contact us today to find out more.