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4 Benefits To Consider When Choosing Caravan Airconditioning

Australia is nearing another blistering summer, which means we are preparing to travel, camp and enjoy the sites our beautiful country has to offer. But how will we keep our caravans cool?

Since the invention of airconditioning in 1902, the world has enjoyed countless summer days. For over 20 years, family-owned and operated business Allchin Airconditioning & Refrigeration has been trusted by the locals of the Sunshine Coast for providing reliable airconditioner units and maintenance.

Traveling in a hot caravan can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 4 important questions you should consider when choosing an airconditioner for your caravan.

 1. Why should you install an airconditioner in your caravan?

The decision to install an airconditioner depends on the frequency with which you travel. If you like to travel for extended periods of time, you might want to consider one.

The most important reason to install one is to seek comfort from the hot weather outside. Having a cool area to relax limits the potential for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Other reasons to install one include keeping your food fresh and increasing the resale value of the caravan.

 2. Who should install and maintain the airconditioner in your caravan?

While you can install a simple airconditioning unit by yourself, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional to ensure it is installed correctly. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and they’re here to help you save money and time by taking on the hassle of setting it up for you.

Having a professional maintain the airconditioner reduces the risk of high running costs and a shortened life expectancy. If the caravan spends large amounts of time in coastal regions, the airconditioner should be to prevent corrosion by the salt air.

 3. What brands of airconditioner should you purchase for your caravan?

Always look for the best brand in the industry. We work with some biggest names including Daikin, Dometic, Engel, and Fujitsu to bring you the best products available on the market. We provide some of the best quality caravan airconditioning on the market for your peace of mind.

 4. Where should an airconditioning unit be installed in the caravan?

There are two types of caravan airconditioning units: rooftop and built-in (also known as underbunk). Rooftop airconditioners fit into the roof and are the most popular due to their easy installation and the fact that they don’t take up living space. Built-in airconditioners are good for pop-top caravans and camper trailers and are typically mounted under the sink or bench. They are also quieter than the rooftop units.

 When deciding if you should have an airconditioner installed in your caravan, think first about your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, especially in the warmer months, you might benefit from one, but if you travel infrequently and only in the cooler weather you might not need one.

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