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Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Through Sunshine Coast Summers


Enjoying air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast means taking good care of your cooling system. That means regular care and maintenance to ensure that it always works as it should. Having an expert on your side really helps you stay on top of this. The professionals at Allchin Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are here to help. We offer a full range of services for all kinds of air conditioners and will inspect and repair yours, anytime the need arises. Here’s what you can do to help maintain your system. 



Get a Tune-Up

Ideally, this should happen at the beginning of the summer because it ensures that your cooling system is ready to go for the upcoming summer. Our experts will inspect your air conditioner, checking for any potential problems so they can be taken care of before the heat arrives. We’ll also make sure your system is clean and ready to go. This is a maintenance step you should never skip.


Pay Attention to Your Thermostat

Make sure you adjust your thermostat based on your daily needs. You can program it to cool off when you are in your house. You can also program your thermostat around sleeping later during the summer, sports schedules, and later bedtimes. You should also adjust the thermostat for when you’re on holiday or away from home for extended amounts of time. 



Change Your Air Filter

This is really important to ensure that your cooling system always works properly. A dirty air filter can cause all kinds of problems so check yours regularly. If it needs to be replaced, do that as soon as possible. Remember that filters get dirty faster during the summer so make sure you’re inspecting yours every couple of weeks or at least once a month. 



Call for Help

We are happy to perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner. We are also available if you think there’s a problem with your cooling system. If you’re worried that something is wrong, we can help figure out what’s going on and make repairs, if they’re needed. Our experts can also replace parts and recommend a new system if that’s what you should do. 


You don’t want to spend the summer without air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast so be sure to call us here at Allchin Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to set up a regular maintenance schedule.