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Tried and Tested Tips to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Is your air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast doing its job? Do you need to keep turning down the thermostat?

If that is the case, then you need to improve it. Allchin Air Conditioning & Refrigeration have been installing air conditioning systems for over 20 years, so we like to think we are experts.

Here’s our short list of tried and tested tips to improve air conditioning efficiency.

  1. Check your home for leaks and block them. Air escaping from homes with air conditioning can force up your energy bill as much as 30%.
  2. Insulate all your ducting and make sure that they are sealed too. Insulation with foil backed fibreglass will cut down on waste and help reduce your energy bills. 
  3. Keep your air conditioning unit clean and clear of debris. Air conditioning units tend to collect dust and other stuff that lowers their working efficiency.
  4. Shading your unit is also a good idea. Keep it out of direct sunlight. A small awning or hood will help guard to from the worst of the elements.
  5. Regularly check your air filters. Clean them out or if they are too dirty, it is better to replace them. This is a common cause of low efficiency in air conditioning. 
  6. Ventilation fins sometimes become stuck and don’t open correctly. This due to the build-up of dirt and dust. Purchase a comb or brush made for this purpose and clean them every so often.
  7. During the hot months, it’s a good idea to increase the thermostat settings when the house is unoccupied and at night. In the long run this can save up to 10% on bills.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

These few tips will help you get the maximum efficiency out of your air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast.

At Allchin Air Conditioning & Refrigeration we have been installing different types of units for over 2 decades, so if you have a problem, get in touch.

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